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Our Purposes

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Blockchain Utilization

Speed up the utilization of blockchain in all industry. Develop diversified blockchain products.
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Blockchain Ecosystem

Create blockchain as a service(BaaS) ecosystem. Reduce the technology entry cost.
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Government and Business Integration

Provide customized solutions and technical support.

More details and technical support

Our Technology

  • Sovereign hierarchical management

  • Distributed encrypted storage

  • VDE realizes ecosystem out of GAChain

  • Cross-department collaboration

  • Blockchain +database storage mode

  • Smart transaction processing mechanism

  • Tamper-proof mechanisms can be modified

  • Pier to Pier encrypted controllable transaction

  • Management centralized or decentralized

  • Transaction decentralized

  • High capacity and concurrency of 1.5s/block


Download ChainTab

The current version is ChainTab v1.0. You may download ChainTab on App Store or Google Play displayed on the website below. Overseas ID account required in Chinese mainland.