Description of the distribution of GAC

Financial incentives for fixed-term investment

1. Total issued amount: 500 million GAC

2. Permanent fixed-term: 51% (255 million GAC)

Due to the GAC secondary market changes, the cost of technique development by development team will be unstable. Therefore, 51% of GAC will be fixed permanently to adjust the cost of  writing to each database table, smart contracts and page interface.

3. Ultimate circulation: 49% (245 million GAC), of which the first period is released as follows:

1) Prior system development cost: 3.9%;

2) Marketing and hackathon activities: less than 2%;

The remaining quantity will be fixed for 1 year. From the second year, GAC will be released continuously in sequence according to the performance of ecosystem and actual utilities development on GAChain. The annual released quantity will not exceed 30% of the existing market quantity.


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